Tanya Lee Holmes Hero of the Year

Tanya-Lee Holmes

Tanya-Lee Holmes is a Disability/ADF Mental Health Advocate.
Tanya-Lee provides disability & mental health advocacy and support to people living with disabilities & mental health illnesses.
Tanya-Lee provides 24hr around the clock support to Young Veterans suffering PTSD and mental health issues after ADF service.
Tanya-Lee has in the past 18 months aided 2 Veterans by stopping them from carrying through with their suicides.
She has helped them get the support they needed and also provide them with information to aid them in finding employment away from the service.
She provides health & well being support to 21 veterans of all ages from answering calls when they need to chat at all hours to attending appointments with older veterans.
She does this on a voluntary basis.
She also uses her Cookie business to fundraise for Young Veterans and to advocate for people with disabilities.
She has also started to free of charge show businesses how to make their businesses more inclusive for people with a disability.
A hero is described as a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.
Tanya-Lee fits this description and more!
She does so much for others never asks for anything for herself in return.
Did I mention she does all this whilst living with a disability herself?
And whilst running a successful Cookie business and whilst coaching her son in wheelchair racing.