Stephanie Hall-Richards

Stephanie Hall-Richards Garden

I began Vegetable Gardening in 2016, when My first son was 1 year old, as a way of getting access to good quality organic vegetables. I immediately became fascinated by the growing process and in particular seeds.

Since then I have dedicated as much time as possible to learning all I can about vegetable growing. Since moving to my new property in 2020 I have built 12 raised beds and have a small area, which is dedicated as a micro seed farm, where I grow heirloom tomato seeds on a contract basis.

I also volunteer: to trial new varieties of vegetables before they’re added to seed catalogues, stewarding the vegetable section at the local show and publishing a monthly gardening column in the Molong Express newspaper dedicated to teaching people how to garden in an inexpensive and low effort way using ‘no dig’ gardening methods, saving seeds and opting for a chemical and artificial fertiliser free garden.

My garden is not the most beautiful but that’s okay because My goal is to teach both my sons and the local community how to grow good food in a way that’s beneficial to the environment and can be shared with friends at the family table.