Samantha Whiteman

Samantha Whiteman

My name is Sam I am 30 years old and have 3 kids ages 10, 7 & 2.

My 7 year old has autism and ADHD, I spent 2 years and lots of money trying to get a diagnosis for my son, I went to the lengths of contacting the local member Phil, who went to the health minister on my behalf, explaining my troubles I had been through in the end we finally got him diagnosed with level 2 Autism.

I work full time as a sales rep for the Triple M & HIT, I have been through so much much more then people would imagine, but in the end my children are what get me through every single day! They are my fight, my light and my life!

Many people ask how I do it?

Working full time, drop offs pick ups weekend sports appointments Sydney trips etc, but there is no other answer then “I JUST DO” if I didn’t who would?

I do it because I am their mum, they need me and always will need me and have me no matter how old they are.