Ruby Hill Equine

Ruby Hill Equine
I am hardworking and dedicated to my business, working mostly 7 days a week.

Ive been running for 27 years starting at mullion creek, now we call kangaroobie road home. I am always interested in expanding my business and welcome feedback,

We started at this new property with no fences, power, yards or infratstructure, single mum of 3 children.

Our efforts to recycle, save water from all our rooves, give away horse manure for peoples gardens, use as much solar as possible for fences and lights

Ive had a continuous stream of young ladies in the last 30 years that needed to stay with us for whatever reasons, they are still with me, and now their children think Im theres as well. The rules were tough, there was no freedom, just horses, work and family.

We now are official respite care and disability support providers, supporting many programs amongst the community and often making our establishment and time available for free.

Our customers are very important to us, we go above and beyond to try and help families feel welcome in Orange, and are always a listening ear for parents or children if theve had a rough day. Our safety record would be our most proud acheivement, with very few falls or injuries in the last 27 years.

We are defiantely unique in our area as we are the longest running riding school, who now offer Equine Assisted Learning programs, respite care, disability support and week long camps.