Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp Garden

I’ve gardened for over 42 years when my children were toddlers and established 5 gardens where children could play, learn about nature and enjoy picking produce and flowers.

My current garden was a blank canvas which I planned and established with my husbands help, so the view of Mt. Canobolas was unobscured and with features that would encourage my grandchildren to wander around, enjoy the bird life, play hide and seek and enjoy scents and textures. There is a labyrinth, a truck for driving, a secret door, swings and a shallow frog pond.

The garden is 11 years old now and features over 300 roses (my favourite and drought hardy) integrated with natives, hardy perennials, groundcovers and trees. I prune most things 30cm off the ground so we can easily see if there are any snakes and I’ve taught the grandchildren snake about awareness and their important role in our ecosystem .
We kept a section of the lawn clear for cricket, volleyball and soccer in the backyard.

There is always something flowering so picking is encouraged for bouquets for Mum, friends and special occasions. My eldest grandchild, now 7, was bought his first pair of Stephanie Alexander secateurs and branch loppers and now he prunes our shrubs and is selling his own propagated plants and loves growing plants at his home.