Lauren Shepherd

Lauren Shepherd
Lauren Shepherd is the Principal at Cudal Public School and has been working in the education profession since 2017.

Lauren has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Primary Teaching, is community minded and an executive member of the Cudal Community Children’s Centre management committee.

Lauren seeks to meet all the student’s needs, from wellbeing and focussing on providing a safe and nurturing environment, to providing classroom challenges for cognition extension. Each student has the potential to make a difference, to be an active and informed member of the community, and to succeed, grow, and thrive – knowing the student and building a working relationship with them is key.

She works with all school staff to deliver opportunities for all students to achieve, and ensuring students are set realistic and achievable goals that are based in high expectations, and that are attained within set timeframes. Lauren collaborates with a network of small-schools locally, providing big-school oppportunities for rural students.

I’ve introduced “Indigenous Games” as a whole school fitness activity on a Wednesday where all teachers have done PL on traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s games and sports. The student’s favourite is Kohlap but we have many others they love to play. We’ve taken action in promoting awareness of First Nations Peoples and cultures in our small Cudal community.